About - Bôn Matcha
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Our Story

The word bôn is the Korean pronunciation of an ancient Chinese character a practice known in Korea as, 한자 (hanja). The bôn character is the symbol for, root. It stands as a call to remember one’s roots and heritage.


We believe that what makes the culture of America so beautiful is that there is no such thing as American culture. Instead, American culture is a constantly changing and evolving story that shifts and grows in tandem with the people who call America home. America is a land filled with a diverse array of peoples, and it is here that previously isolated cultures collide, mix, and interact with one another to create a new kind of story. The American story.


Bôn Matcha is committed to the continuation of this great American tradition of cultural storytelling. We are committed to serving the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area with the authentic flavors and ingredients of our Asian heritage, in new and familiar ways, and thereby add just a few more pages to the great book of flavor that is this great nation. So we invite you to come in, and enjoy the taste and experience of our American story.

Our Values

Our values can be summarized with a single principle: love your neighbors. We are committed to loving all of you as our neighbors. We believe that this principle of loving our neighbors affects Bôn Matcha in three practical and concrete ways:

  • Quality

    Loving our neighbors means that we are committed to providing the highest quality product that we can. We won't serve you anything we wouldn't serve ourselves, or to our loved ones. We're committed to providing clean-label, high quality, products that you can feel good about eating.

  • Price

    We're committed to offering you the best possible price that we can. We won't arbitrarily raise the prices on our product in an attempt to try and line our pockets, or try to overcharge in small ways. We want everyone to try and love our products.

  • Service

    Want a sample? Need help picking an item? Not sure what something means? Ask away! We're committed to serving our customers and our community with both care and respect.